Web/WAP Calender form Harrison Logic

Thanks for your interest in the Web / WAP Calendar.  This application provides an updateable web-based calendar that can be viewed from both the Web and through a Mobile device, such as a cellular phone.


The files should work on any Web Server with ASP.

  • You will need to specify the MIME Settings for WML on your web Server.  To do this follow these steps:

    • Open your Internet Services Manager (Win2000) or Internet MMC (Win NT)
    • Rt-Click your server and Choose Properties
    • Select the WWW Properties and choose Edit
    • On the 'HTTP Headers' tab, choose "File types" then "New Type'
    • Enter ".wml" for the extension, and "text/vnd.wap.wml" for MIME

  • You can view the Mobile portion through your cell phone or through an Emulator, such as OpenWave's emulator.

Installation Instructions:

  • Unzip the files and place them in a Directory in your web server root
  • Yu should have 2 folders in your root, Calendar for the Web portion, and C for the mobile portion.  If you change this, you will need to modify the Connection string in "Calendar/DBConnect.asp" and "C/functions.asp", otherwise you are fine.
  • The application should work as is.  (Check in the DB folder to make sure the Database (Forum.mdb) is not 'Read Only'.)
  • You can customize the look with the Style.css or simply copy past them into your own .asp pages.

Use Cases:

  • Web User: Navigate to Calendar/Calendar.asp and you are presented with the Calendar, you can scoll forward / backwards in time, or click a date to add a event, or an event to view / update / delete it.

  • Mobile User:  Navigate to "C" and you will be presented with the calendar application allowing you to view the current day, or the next day's events, or to search a date for events.  You are taken to the days events listings, which you can select and view the event details.