What Is Azure Quantum

Microsoft recently announced a new Azure cloud service offering called Azure Quantum. Azure Quantum allows software developers to configure quantum computers in Azure cloud and start building quantum apps.

Azure Quantum is a set of quantum services, quantum hardware and servers, SQK, and pre-built quantum solutions. All runs and managed in Azure.

To learn more about Azure Quantum, watch the following video:

Key features of Azure Quantum are:

  • Quantum software, including simulators and resource estimation tools, scaled by Azure compute
  • Quantum hardware system options with a variety of different qubit architectures
  • Quantum solutions like pre-built solvers and algorithms that run at industrial scale

Quantum Computing and Q#

If you’re new to quantum computing, check out Introduction to Quantum Computing.

Microsoft has created a new quantum computing programming language called Q#, that allows software developers to build quantum apps. Q# applications can be built using Microsoft’s popular developer IDE, Visual Studio by launching a Quantum Computer Emulator. If you’re new to Q#, check out Introduction to Q#.

Azure Quantum stack

Microsoft has also announced a new Azure stack for quantum computing, Azure Quantum stack. Azure Quantum stack is a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem that empowers quantum solution developers, integrators, and solution providers with tools, languages, and solutions for their quantum needs.

Azure Quantum stack is a set of quantum hardware and servers, quantum software and solutions.

For software developers, Microsoft has also announced a Quantum Development Kit (QDK), a set of tools, services, and language that allows developers to start building quantum software. Get started with Quantum Development Kit here. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/quantum/welcome