How To Create An Azure Resource Group


 Azure Resource Group
In my previous article, I discussed the deep dive tools and functionalities of the Azure Resource Manager. In this article, I will explain what is Azure Resource group and how to create the Azure resource group, so first, what is an Azure resource group? An Azure resource group is the backbone of the Azure resource manager concept. This means that without a resource group, nothing will work in the Azure portal, not only a single service but your complete Azure Subscription.
Basically, the Resource group in Azure is a container in which holds the metadata for a logical group of resources. As I said, it’s a logical group of resources, meaning it’s a logical collection of virtual machines, databases, storage accounts, web apps, and database servers.
It provides a useful midway point between the subscription level and the resources themselves for administration and cost management, and for applying role-based access controls.

Organized Azure Resource Groups

When you are organizing your resource group, you must have to add all the resources in a group which has the same life cycle, if an application requires different resources that need to be updated together, such as having a SQL database, web, and mobile application then you have to must all these resources into the same resource group. It is important to use different resource groups as the resources in these groups have different lifecycles.
Let's create an Azure Resource group and perform the following steps, mentioned below with screenshots. 
  1. Sign In and Open your Azure management portal here.
  2. In the Portal click on the Resource groups.

    Azure Resource Group

  3. On the Resource groups blade, click on the Add option.

    Azure Resource Group

  4. On the Resource groups blade, select basics and type the following values, and then click on the Review + create button.
Parameter Name
Resource Group Name
Enter a unique name for your new resource group. A resource group name can include alphanumeric characters, periods (.), underscores (_), hyphens (-), and parenthesis (), but the name cannot end with a period.
I have added: rh-AzureTraining
Select your Microsoft Azure subscription.
Resource Group Location
Select the location of the Microsoft Azure data center Typically, select the location that is closest to your physical location.
I Select (Middle East) UAE North

Azure Resource Group
  1.  You can see the resource group has been created in the notification service of the portal.
Azure Resource Group 
The Azure resource group has been created successfully.