What Is New In TypeScript

Learn what is new in TypeScript.


TypeScript is a strongly-typed superset of JavaScript, which means it adds some syntactical benefits to the language while still letting you write normal JavaScript if you want to. It encourages software developers to employ a more declarative style of programming, such as interfaces and static typing, offers modules and classes, and most importantly, integrates relatively well with popular JavaScript libraries and code. It totally follows the OOPS concept. Learn more here: What is TypeScript >
TypeScript is an open-source and open development platform that is built around ECMAScript standards. TypeScript profiles an innovative type system that is evolving continuously. TypeScript works with the Microsoft Visual Studio family and is based totally on a community.
Some of the topics covered in this talk include the following.
  • Type system
  • Recursive types
  • Type constructor improvements
  • Union and intersection types
  • Index and indexed access types
  • Mapped types
  • Conditional types
  • Stricter check
  • JavaScript superpowers
  • Structuring large projects
Watch this video to get a lesson on TypeScript history and what is new in TypeScript.
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