What This Community Means To Me


Hi all,
We all have a story, how this community changes our life. We all are here to gain and share knowledge, meet new people, and gradually we connect more with these strangers and they become part of our daily life.

A Disastrous 2020

We all are going through hell in 2020. COVID-19, bushfire, floods, explosions, plane crashes, and the list goes on. This year hasn’t been easy for me either. In fact, I hit the bottom rock. On December 20th, Our family found out that my dad has liver cancer and it’s already in the last stage. We knew it at that time, that this year is not for us.
Then the pandemic started in April and the world was shut down. We were living through a new normal. Everything had some kind of bitterness around it.

Why did I decide to become a C# Corner Author?

In order to refresh my mind, I started writing. I was looking for a platform to share knowledge, then I came across C#Corner. I wrote my first blog, It got accepted after a few rejections. As I was newbie, I didn’t know how to write technical blogs but reviewers were so supportive, they were there to help you out, they were pointing out mistakes and the reason why those mistakes are not allowed. After everything went well, Finally I published my life’s first blog. And the response was outstanding. People were cheering up, encouraging to write more. Straight away community felt like a family. It was so overwhelming. Then I wrote and wrote, I see how people are getting impacted with this small service we make to the community.


People contacted me on multiple social media platforms, asking to open a YouTube channel, and asking technical questions. I loved this new family. In fact, I even made one app for charity. They read my articles and they ask me if I can contribute some help. Then I realized if knowledge can be shared then it becomes the most powerful tool.

C# Corner Appreciating Hard Work 

Of course, C# corner noticed my efforts and awarded me with a member of the month recognition for June and July month. I never felt so proud.


Then again, life is not that simple. On 7 July 2020, I lost my father. I isolated myself for a while and was only coming out of grieving when I lost my beloved pet Tango, exactly 10 days after my father’s demise. I hit rock bottom. The world just felt empty. People who built a strong connection with their pet can understand the pain of losing them.

Why this award is so close to me?

Everything felt so meaningless around me. A few days passed by. I booted up my phone, I saw this mail from C#Corner saying "CONGRATULATIONS on being awarded the 2020-2021 C# Corner MVP award, in recognition of your exceptional contribution to the community."
Believe me, this mail had put a smile on my face, after a long time I smiled.
This award has a different meaning for different people, but for me, It was very close to my heart because whenever I will look at this award this will remind me of my late father and my cat.
My father's last word for me, "be successful my child and take care of yourself". And I believe this award proves that I’m on the right path of being successful.
I will be there where he wants me to be. This is why this award is very special to me.

To make headway

This award encouraged me to contribute more to the C# Corner with articles, blogs, and forums.

Thank You

To the lovely community, I will always be grateful to all of you.
And to the C#Corner team, you guys are doing a wonderful job. You never know who’s the life you’re touching with this platform. You have given me the reason when I was looking for one. I can’t describe in words why it is so important to me.
I'm humbled and grateful to Mahesh Chand, Praveen Moosad, Jacob Gross, Bhavya Gaur & the entire C# corner team.
Thank you.