Windows Virtual Machine Creation In Microsoft Azure


In this article, we will see how we can create a Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure Cloud using Azure Portal.

The purpose of creating Virtual machines is to access any services on Microsoft Azure Cloud.


We need to have an Azure subscription.
If you don't have an Azure subscription, you can get a trial account for one month.

OK let’s start.

Step 1

Accessing Microsoft Azure Portal.

Just type in the Url and then Enter.

This will open up the Windows Portal.


Step 2

Log in to the Azure Portal with your Microsoft Azure Account.

After successful login, the first thing we will notice is the Azure Dash Board.

Dashboard is a online platform where Azure cloud services users/subscribers can view and monitor status of current requests/work.

And, this menu has a lot of options to create and manage various Azure Services on the Cloud.

But, now we need to create a Windows Server Virtual Services. So, click the Virtual machine button on the menu.


Step 3

Click the Add button.

Now we will open the Windows Server Virtual Machine gallery. Here, we can see lot of options available to create Virtual Machines.

Click on Windows Server.


Step 4

Then click Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center Microsoft.

And, just click on create.


Step 5

This will open up the Create Virtual Machine option.

There are four steps to create a Virtual Machine. So first, give the basic details in the configure basic settings option.


Step 6

The second step is to choose the Virtual Machine’s size.

It’s an important step.

If you visit more, click View all.

This is the most basic size. So, click on that and press the Select button.

Step 7

Now this will open up the third step.

In the third step you'll see a default option to configure some optional features.

So, press OK button.


Step 8

In the last step, Microsoft Azure will validate all the settings.

Once the validation is successful, you can press Create.

Step 9

Now, this will start a deployment process.

It will take a couple of minutes to deploy a virtual machine and all its related services into the cloud.

Step 10

Click OK.


Step 11

Just click on Connect.


Step 12

Now, give the User Name & Password here.

And then press OK.


Now we have completed creating the Virtual Machine.


We can see the desktop now.



I hope you understood,how to create a Windows Virtual Machine in Azure. Stay tuned for more articles.

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