Working With MSP430 Module


In this article, we are going to work with the MSP430 module. This MSP30 Module has an inbuilt LED which is multi-color. As per the requirement, we can choose the required color. This module has low power consumption and a high-efficiency module which can be used for less power-consuming devices. Energia Software is utilized in this project.
  1. MSP430 module ( Texas Instruments)
  2. Energia Software
  3. LED
  4. Connecting wires
Steps to be followed:
Step 1
Download the Energia software from the link and install it. Energia software is equivalent to Arduino Sofware which is built to code Texas instruments devices in a simplified way.
Step 2
Firstly, we are going to blink the inbuilt led then we are going to blink the led at the 12th pin. 
Step 3
This pin diagram is taken from the Energia website. The link is given below you will get more related works and libraries.
Step 4
Secondly, from a Serial monitor, we have to type ON and the lights in the 12th pin will be ON.
Step 5
Go to tools and go to boards and select the required Board. In our case, we use MSP EXP430G2553LP. There is another version too.
If the MSP 430 module is not predefined download it in the board manager. Search the latest version and download it.
Step 6
Compile and run the program.
Step 7
Open Serial monitor and print ON and the output will be displayed.


In this article, we learned how to work with the MSP430 module after installing Energia software. We learned how to build a simple Serial Monitor controlled Module output. Further, we saw how to work with other MSP modules and WiFi shields.