Working With SD Card Module And Arduino


In this article, we are going to see how to work with SD card module and Arduino using the Master Slave technique. Over here, we are using serial communication for the master-slave access.
In this article, we are going to display the SD card details on the serial monitor of our Arduino software.
SD Card is a simpler form of storage which is easily accessed using our regular devices like mobile and computer. Storing our regular sensor data in the SD will be very effective using the SD card module. For details regarding the SD card module library installation, visit
  1. Arduino UNO hardware
  2. Arduino Software
  3. SD card module
  4. SD card
  5. Connecting wires
Steps to follow
Step 1
Open the Arduino software you have. I prefer the latest version.
Step 2
Download the SD card module library from Arduino website.
Step 3
Install the SD card module library.
Step 4
SD card module is used to connect it to the Arduino.
Step 5
Apply the coding in the Arduino software. Include Software peripheral interface header file.
Step 6
Make the circuit connections as per the circuit diagram.
  • CS pin to 4th pin
  • SCK pin to 13th pin
  • MOSI pin to 12th Pin
  • MISO pin to 11th pin.
Place the SD card in the SD Card module.
Step 7
Compile and upload the codings.
Step 8
The Serial.begin function is used for using a serial monitor to monitor the current status of the moisture sensor and to find out Motor status also.


In this article, we learned how to work with the SD Card module and we saw the coding to find or view the storage of the SD Card present in the SD Card module. In the upcoming article, we will see how to read/write to the SD card module.