Writing Custom Report Using Report Wizard

In our previous article, we learned different options to write the custom reports for Dynamics CRM. In this article, we will demonstrate the writing of reports, using Report wizard. Thus, let’s start.

We have one custom entity event, which stores the details about the events, like event budget, event organizer, primary contact, event city and date. We want to write a report, which should display the events group, by an event organizer.
Solution- We can use Report wizard to create this report by following the steps, given below-

  1. Navigate to Sales -> Reports and click on New button over command bar.

  2. Click Report Wizard -> Start new report option and click on Next.

  3. Select the primary and related entity, based on the requirement. For us, we are just selecting primary entity:

  4. In the next step, add filter criteria to your report. By default, you will get last x days criteria, added for 30 days (This could be an interview question ;) ). You can design your filter just like we can do in Advanced find. Let’s keep it default and click Next.

  5. As we need to display the events group by event organizer, we will click top option to Add Grouping, based on the event organizer, like the following-

  6. Next, click report area and other columns from the event entity. For example, event detail, city, date, budget.


  7. Let’s say, we want to show the summary, based on the event budget. Thus, let’s use aggregation function Sum to show the total budget, based on the event organizer, as shown below- 


  8. Click Next and select Report Format option. Let’s select Table only here.

  9. Finish the Report wizard. We should get the following option, populated automatically-

  10. Click Run Report to test your report. We should get the events list, based on the organizer.

Even though the Report wizard provides us limited functionality, still it provides benefits like - 
  •  Quick report development
  •  Allows us to modify the report created using Report Wizard
  •  Field summary
  •  No deployment required
  •  Context sensitive report automatically
In the next article, we will learn about the next report writing option. Stay tuned!!


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