10 Awesome Designs with Xamarin Forms UI - Part 1

Xamarin’s website says that forms are good to go for any app-over-data type business apps, unfortunately I do not agree & I think that XAML (which is what you can use to create UIs in Xamarin Forms) is way to cooler than that.

To prove my point, I am going to write a series of blogs (total 10 in first round) that will show you how to create some awesome looking apps with Xamarin Forms in cross platform way for iOS, WP & Android.

Today I am posting my first sample in this series. There will be 9 more such posts in time to come in this space where I will try to showcase some neat UI that we will create using XAMl in Xamarin Forms.

All code will also be available on my github repo & a link will be posted to the source with each blog post.

The first installment of this series is here today & it’s called "Flaty's".

Design inspired from this pinterest pin.

mobile design

This source code is available here.

This design makes use of a lot of components, a few are:

  1. Custom Renderers
  2. Static Properties
  3. Converters
  4. Platform specific tweaks etc.

I hope you get to use a few of these in your projects too.

Notice, I used a custom font for Title only in iOS, but its pretty straight forward to mimic in WP & Android, so something you can change & test on your own.

You can submit any design ideas that you would want us to create in the comments below, we would be glad to have a look at them.