Five Latest Website Background Ideas For 2017

Website designing is no side job. It requires lots of thought, creativity and time to come up with a design which has both the elements of being liked by all and being functionally feasible. And considering the fact that designing (especially for websites and mobile apps) is such a dynamic field that you will have to keep reviving your website according to latest trends in order to keep the traffic flowing and interest the visitors.

Besides, it has been observed that the look of your website can actually form a connection with your audience, making them perform the CTA and revisit the website as compared to those websites which appear to be boring or old.

The background of your website actually sets the flow and look for the entire website. If the background looks good, the images and content appearing on it will also look appealing. And now as we have made it through half of 2017, we have a list of trendy website background ideas for you to experiment with.

Geometric Shapes

Using images as a background in websites have been a trend since forever and when merged with the geometric figures on those images, they literally seem to interact with the user. Different shapes can be used to highlight the text areas or CTA button on the image screen and they would draw the attention of the user to the areas you want to focus.

In fact, if your logo has some geometrical shape included in it then you can use it to create a connection with the users and for brand retention.

Gray Areas

If you want to keep the look of your website rather simple, then it is advisable to use the shades of gray as they look more appealing and provide a minimal styling appearance to the website. The best part about using gray tones is that it merges well with the surrounded elements, no matter how loud or subtle the shades of other images/products are.

Remember that you can choose among the variations of gray according to the other elements of your website to shape the feel for the viewers.

Bright Colored Layers

Just like the geometric and textured backgrounds, colorful layers can also be used to draw the attention of the users to the particular areas. It is good to experiment with bold colors if you are looking to design a website that is going to be used by children or youth as the vibrant factors attract them more than the dull shades of gray and white.

If you feel that your website is going to have lots of images and thus it does not make sense to use an image as a background, go for the colored layers instead of keeping it white.


Grid designing is so mainstream that it has started looking as boring as white area now. So, it’s time you get over it and move on to the new trend of asymmetric designing. You need to understand that the background of your website does not necessarily have to be a single image or a solid color throughout the page.

It can be a mixture of all the elements that you can think of to use as a background and they can be placed creatively without making it appear like they can be cut through the middle.

Abstract Art

If you can dare to be experimental and bold then try playing around with the abstract designs for the background. Use a mixture of colors, geometric shapes, images and everything else to make your website’s background look interesting and fun. Pair it with neat text and your visitors would have something engaging to view.

Remember that it’s absolutely fine if your background does not make any sense. The backgrounds are there to make your website look striking, leave the job of expressing the purpose to your content.

Bonus Idea

Well, since we are in an extra good mood to impart the best of our tips to you all, here is an additional website background idea that is becoming the favorite of everybody these days.


Since websites are being designed keeping in mind that it has to be responsive, the use of gradients ensures that it is more convenient to make the design responsive. So, if you do not want to go with the bright colors or image, it is perfect to choose gradients as your website background as that would make it look more elegant.


It is completely fine to accept that your website appears to be old-fashioned and dull and you need to revive it in order to give your viewers something interesting to look at. Choose your background design theme according to the taste of your target audience and your brand image, and give your website a fresh look.


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