A Learners Journey

First Post - Hello World!

I currently blog here, but have decided to move my learning journey to C-Sharpcorner (reasons I will elaborate on in a moment).
I'm a programmer by trade. During the day I work on using a proprietary domain specific language for Publishing, Vista 4GL, and the last couple of years in my own time, I have been learning C#, OOP principles and some ASP.NET MVC. During the last few weeks I have made a decision to ramp up my learning to try for MCSD certificates in 2016. So this means I have decided to help cement my learning by:
  1. Start live streaming my coding sessions here. It seems an interesting opportunity and something I have been keen to explore and excited. I hope tomorrow night I will stream for the first time!

  2. Once Windows 10 launches, I want to start learning Windows 10 UWP - I'm currently watching and the MS Virtual Academy videos on the train to work, so hopefully once the 29th hits, I can get stuck in.

  3. I have wanted to build things for a while, so I have set myself a challenge to build a .NET Wrapper (Clarizen.Net) for a product I use at work, Clarizen. This is a Project Management, Agile and Colloboration tool, which is pretty good. They have an open API which I have decided to create the Wrapper for.  I have started this already and the code can be found here:


  4. To build Clarizen.Net properly and to help developers integrating with it, I'm also working on the following mini-projects to complement this:
    • POCO generator from Clarizen JSON Entities.
    • Simple RESTful HttpClient (using HttpWebRequest under the hood). This will also be good experience for learning more about Http, how it works and its Spec (RFC). I come from an EDI background so I'm used to writing/reading mundane Specifications.

Why C-Sharpcorner?

I have found myself using C-Sharpcorner more and more and I now use it as reference more often than Stackoverflow and Code Project. That is a testament to the quality of the content here, so it was an easy choice to switch here. Plus there is an audience here where I can get feedback, which I wasn't getting on my site. Do not get me wrong, I will continue with my blog, but my learning journey will continue here.

Follow my Journey as I learn:
  • C#/.NET
  • ASP.NET MVC / HTML5 / CSS3/ Javascript
  • OOP and Design Patterns
  • Windows 10 UWP (inc IoT)
All my code will be up on my Github Repos: