Adobe Fireworks CS4 vs. Expression Blend 4

Adobe Fireworks vs. Expression Blend 4

I have been working with Adobe Fireworks since 2000 and used it for most of my graphics design work. When Microsoft Expression Blend was introduced a few years back, I was not impressed with it. The only advantage was, it was writing my XAML code for me in the background while I was creating designs in the designer.

In last 10 years, Adobe Fireworks has not changed a lot but in last few years, Expression Blend has changed drastically (in a good way). Now I am using Expression Blend 4 and Adobe Fireworks CS4 and slowly start liking Expression Blend over Fireworks CS4.

One of the key advantages of Blend is things are there where it supposed to be. As a Microsoft developer, I am used to see things at certain places and that's what Blend gives me. Keep in mind; I am not your typical graphics designer who uses design tools every day. I use tool once in a while when I need to create mockups or try something new.

Now, I am building Silverlight applications and good thing is which Fireworks can never do, I get my XAML code written for me.

Believe it or not, I am using Blend to create new logos and other graphics too.