interview question for experience people.

Hi all reader ,

This interview questions is basically based on my personal interview experience, Generally such type of questions asked by interviewer, it's not for fresher.


  1. How to kill the session?
  2. What is application level events?
  3. What is the difference between string and stringbuilder?
  4. How to remove the duplicate rows in the table ?
  5. What is generic explain it?
  6. I want to inherit the private class and access the private variables is it possible?
  7. What is in proc and out proc ?
  8. What  is procedure explain it?
  9.  What are page directives?
  10. Transactions are write inside the  stored procedure are not?
  11. What is clone and copy?
  12. What is reflection?
  13. How to access the metadata?
  14. How to  place the assembly in GAC?
  15. What is normalization ?
  16. What is constraints?
  17. What is base class in .net?
  18. What is xml http request?
  19. What is anonymous methods?
  20. How to pass a value from JavaScript to code behind file?
  21. What is index?
  22. What is state management how many ways  u can apply?
  23. I want edit the table using views is it possible?
  24. What is data table explain it?
  25. What is the difference between data row and dataset?
  26. What is join how many joins are there ?
  27. What is nested quires ?
  28. I want create a class but this class is not possible to inherit any ware what can I do?
  29. what is cache in .net explain it?
  30. How to provide the security in web application?
  31. Where the page themes and dynamic controls, are called in page lifecycle?
  32. How to join the thread?
  33. How to find the  nth highest salary in emp table?
  34. Web services can support access specifiers  or not ?
  35. What is soap?
  36. What is the drawbacks of index?
  37. What is vary by parms?
  38. What is tag prefix?
  39. What is indexer?
  40. Can we Create a method in c# without a name,if yes then how
  41. Interfaces are supports the creation of variables?

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