Assign Organizational Logo To SharePoint Server 2016 Using PowerShell

SharePoint customization is one of the common requirements for SharePoint deployed by an organization, so that they can replace the default out of the box branding with their custom organizational branding. As a part of it, we can replace the default blue SharePoint logo with the organization logo. In this blog, let’s see how to assign an organizational logo in SharePoint Site.

Once we have determined the logo to be used, upload it to one of SharePoint libraries, say: Site Assets.

Now, we will use PowerShell script to do the branding assignment part. Spin up SharePoint 2016 Management Shell.

Run the script, given below, which will assign the new organizational logo to the site. The script will loop through every site under the site collection and assign the logo.

  1. $logoLocation= "http://sharepoint2016/SiteAssets/CSharpCorner.png"  
  2. $oSite=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("http://sharepoint2016/")  
  3. foreach($oWeb in $oSite.Allwebs) {  
  4. $oWeb.SiteLogoUrl=$logoLocation  
  5. $oWeb.Update()  
  6. }  

Heading over to the site, we can see the new Organizational Logo, which is assigned in the site instead of Blue out of the box SharePoint logo.


Thus, we saw how to assign a new organizational logo to SharePoint Server 2016, using PowerShell.