AWS Billing Alarm

In this blog, we're going to look at how to create a billing alarm in AWS. While using AWS, some features do not come under the free subscription. AWS will charge according to your usage. In order to alert us when we go over the amount, just set up a billing alarm. The billing alarm is basically an amount, let's say it's going to be 10 dollars. It will send you an alarm as soon as your AWB bill goes over that for the month. 
Step1: Go to AWS management console and select cloud watch service. Please check the below figure.
Cloud watch is it's a way of monitoring your cloud or watching your cloud. Click on the cloud watch option and it will launch the cloud watch console. In the cloud watch console, click on the Billing option. Please check the below figure.
Step 2: Let's create a billing alarm. Click on the create alarm button. Please check the below figure.
Next, we need to specify the metrics and conditions. Refer to the below figure where I have specified metric name, currency and period.
I have selected the metric name as estimated charges. Here, I have to consider estimated charges are 10 dollars. The period it's going to be checking our account to make sure we haven't gone over is going to be every six hours.
We've got two different threshold types. We have a static anomaly detection, which is basically for detecting anomalies. We just want static and we're just going to say whenever estimated charges are greater then our estimated price then it's going to do an alarm.
Please refer to the below figure in that I have specified threshold type, threshold range, price. After selecting these options click on the Next button.
Step 3: Now we need to create an SNS topic, SNS means simple notification service. For creating an SNS topic, please follow the below steps:
- Select the create the new topic option
- Enter the billing alarm service name.
- Provide a valid email ID.
After providing the above information, hit the create a topic button, then you should get an email straight away basically telling you to subscribe to that topic. Login into your email, click on the link and you will be subscribed to that topic.
Step 4: Next is to add a description step where we need to name our billing alarm with a description. Please check the below figure.
Step 5: The next step is the preview option. All you need to do is scroll down to the very bottom and then go ahead and hit create alarm. Please check the below figure.
Your billing alarm is created. Now, you will now get an alarm every time your bill goes over 10 dollars.
What we learned so far is...
- Importance of the billing alarm.
- Introduction to Cloud watch 
- Creating an SNS topic 
I hope that you find this tutorial helpful.