Azure Advisor For AZ-900 Exam

Azure Advisor for AZ-900 Exam 

Azure Advisor makes recommendations on your existing Azure resources, based on:

  • Cost – Reduce spending 
  • Are your VMs to small or under utilized? 
  • Are your database servers too big?  
  • Can you save money using reserved instances or reserved capacity? 
  • Security – detect threats and weaknesses 
  • Reliability – improve continuity of your services 
  • What VMs do not have backups or replication?  
  • Should VMs be grouped into availability sets? 
  • Do Azure Storage account not have soft delete? 
  • Can your gateways be improved? 
  • Operational Excellence – improve efficiency, resource management, and best practices for deployment. 
  • Enable Inherit a tag from resource groups. 
  • Performance – improve the speed 
  • Use Premium Storage for VMs? 
  • Improve SKU or size?  
  • Do Cosmos DB accounts have traffic from non-configured regions? 
  • Includes recommendations from 
  • Azure Security Center 
  • Azure Cost Management  
  • Azure SQL DB Advisor 
  • Azure App Service 
  • Access through 
  • Azure Portal,  
  • API, 
  • Add notifications when there are new recommendations. 

Question 1 - Is Azure Advisor a service that was designed to?  

  1. Help customers with common issues around their Azure Migrations  
  2. Performance investigation service for Azure SQL  
  3. Personalized consultant service that provides recommendations for Azure services  
  4. Support forum available for enterprise customers  
  5. Proactive feature of Azure where a specialized consultant is available to provide help to the customers 

Answer: C 

Question 2 - Provides recommendations in many areas, not just the cost. It’s not a primary focus on this service, just one of many. 

  1. True  
  2. False 

Answer: A 

Question 3 - There are 5 areas that Azure Advisor recommendations are grouped into. Those are 

  1. Cost 
  2. Performance 
  3. Migration 
  4. Retention 
  5. Reliability 
  6. High Availability 
  7. Security 
  8. Operational Performance 
  9. Operational Excellence 

Answer: A, B, E, G, I 

Question 4 - Contoso company had a security incident and wants to review what happened. To do this they went to Azure Advisor. Will this service help them answer those questions? 

  1. True  
  2. False 

Answer: B 

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