Azure Stack - Packaging And Pricing

This blog is the fourth article of my Azure Stack Series.

You can read my articles Demystifying Azure Stack, Azure Stack Architecture, and Azure Pack vs Azure Stack before continuing with this one. As we know, Azure Stack comes as a unit conisting of pre-installed software provided by Microsoft and the hardware manufactured by OEMs.
  • Organizations can purchase Azure Stack hardware as well hardware support directly from the hardware partners like Dell, HP, Lenovo.

  • Organizations have to purchase Azure Services from Microsoft only.

  • Azure Services are licenced by Microsoft in a couple of ways. You can have Enterprise Agreement directly with Microsoft or acquire the Azure Serices via Cloud Solution Provider. One can also add the Azure Stack to the same enrollments using the same subscriptions, monetory commitment, and invoices for both, Azure and Azure Stack.

  • So, always remember that Azure Stack is not a software; you buy it from Microsoft and deploy it but it's a software that Microsoft rents you and you pay as per the consumption.

  • You pay for Azure Stack Services using the same units in Azure - you will pay for the services when you use it.

  • Same like Azure, there are no up-front licencing fees. That means Azure Stack brings cloud economic model to your datacenter.

  • For pricing calculation, here in Azure Stack Microsof brings metering unit.
ServicesMetering Unit
Base Virtual MachinePer vCPU/min
Windows Server VMPer vCPU/min or Base VM meter + bring you own licence
Azure App ServicePer vCPU/min
Azure FunctionsPer GB-sec execution time and per million executions
Azure Storage(Blob,Table,Queue)Per GB(no transaction fee)

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