Azure VS AWS Services- A Quick Cheat Sheet

I have been working on Microsoft Azure from quite some time now and I always wanted to teach myself the Cloud counterpart of it, Amazon AWS. In my early days of AWS (it’s still early), I realize that the offerings from both the cloud providers are quite similar with a different name and some different features. So if you know Azure you can quickly ramp up on AWS and Vice Versa.

Some people argue as to why there is a need to learn about multiple cloud providers,and  it’s important to understand that we are in an Era of “Hybrid Cloud”. Big organizations are no longer worried about moving to the cloud but they are worried about using what services of which cloud Provider and keeping which services in house. It’s a very challenging task to architect for the Cloud because you need to consider multiple factors like cost of the service and performance of the service and how well it gels with the technology stack that your application is built upon.

Now to help myself with the comparison, I have created a quick cheat sheet to just go through the most used counterpart services offered by AWS as compared to Azure. I am sharing the cheat sheet below,


Not all Azure services offer the best performance for every need and the same is the case for the AWS so we need to make the wisest decision while architecting for the Cloud. I will recommend going through the comparisons before making any decision.