Backing up an existing Azure Web App

The Backup and Restore feature in Azure App Service allows us to easily create app backups manually or on a schedule. You can configure the backups according to your comfort. You can restore the app to a snapshot of a previous state by overwriting the existing app or restoring it to another app.
  • You need to have an active Azure Subscription. If you not have you can sign-up for a free account.
  •  An existing Web App hosted in Azure. For creating a Web App you can follow this blog.
Note: App Service can back up the following information to an Azure storage account and container that you have configured your app to use.
  • App Configuration
  • File content
  • Database connected to your app
Task 1: Configure the Storage Account.
  • In the Azure portal, navigate to your app's page, select Backups.

  • The Backups Page is displayed.

    Note: If you see the following message, click it to upgrade your App Service plan before you can proceed with backups. See this: Scale up an app in Azure.

  • In the Backup page, select “Backup is not configured. Click here to configure backup for your app”.

  • In the Backup Configuration page, choose “Storage not configured” to configure a storage account.

  • Now you need to create a storage account and container for your backup.

  • After deployment of storage account here, you will find like the following:

  • So now we will create a container.

Our first task is completed. Now move to the next task.
Task 2: Configure Backup Schedule & Database.
  • In the Backup Configuration page, set Scheduled backup to On.

  • Configure the backup schedule as desired and select OK.
  • Now in Backup Configuration Page, we have to configure Backup Database. We have to include it in our Backup.

  • Finally, both of our tasks are complete.