Being More Productive With Android Studio - Part Two

We all know how to develop good applications using Android Studio and we are pretty happy with what we are doing. But what if those things can be done with less effort? We all are habituated to using the mouse in our day-to-day life but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, it increases our efforts as well as development time.

We have already seen some Android Studio shortcuts in my earlier post.

Welcome to the second part of "Being More Productive With Android Studio".

  • Change Signature

    Windows CTRL + F6
    macOS CMD + FN + F6

It allows you to change the signature of your class as well as method. You can add the method parameter and its datatype.

  • Replace in path

    Windows CTRL + SHIFT + R
    macOS CTRL + SHIFT + R

It allows you to replace text in your module, app, single directory, or in a custom place.

  • Navigation Between Files

    Windows CTRL + TAB
    macOS CTRL + TAB

It allows you to navigate between your opened files.

  • Start New Line

    Windows SHIFT + ENTER

No matter where your cursor is currently, whether at the beginning of line, end of line, or in-between words, it will add a new line, and the cursor will be moved to a new line.

  • Move to Class

    Windows CTRL + N
    macOS CMD + N

Allows you to move to class - it can be user defined class or any Java class.

  • Move to File

    Windows CTRL + SHIFT + N
    macOS CMD + SHIFT + N

Allows you to open any file including non-project files.

  • Lookup Recent Files

    Windows CTRL + E
    macOS CMD + E

Shows you the list of files recently opened.

  • GoTo Line

    Windows CTRL + G
    macOS CMD + G

Allows you to move to the line of the specified line number.

  • Last Edited Location


Allows you to move to the last edited location.

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