Build Your Connection String

I am back again with this small trick ; it is about building a connection string with any data base because personally can't remember the hole connection string to use , let's start :

1. Open note book of windows


2. Save the blank document as an UDL file : example conn.UDL


3. Open the file by double clicking on the icon Build-Connection-String-3.jpg and a window will be shown like the following :


who does not know this window ! it is a familiar one used to build a connection string interactively; do what you have to do, select the data base DRIVER , specify the data base path ....
When you finish push the button Test to know if you did good and OK to terminate the operation.

4. Open the UDL file with the note book


And here is under your eyes the connection string you built and you need to use in your application just do a small effort to copy it and past it where you want.


I will try to post this trick as a video file, wish I could and I want to say sorry about my windows it is in French language, because it is my second foreign language, just try to follow the pictures.