C# Corner Annual Conference 2014 Reactions

In this blog, I will keep a list of blogs, news and other talks happening related to the C# Corner Annual Conference 2014. If you have written or found something that is not listed here, let me know.
  1. Official recap of the Conference from the Editorial team of C# Corner. Read this to learn and see photos about the entire event, activities, people and more. 
    C# Corner Annual Conference 2014 Official Recap 

  2. Industry veteran, founder of several companies, MVP and speaker, Gaurav Mantri writes a recap on the conference experience 
    C# Corner Annual Developer Conference 2014 - Saluting the Spirit of Community Power

  3. Udaipur Chapter Executive Shakti Singh writes 
    Great People I met at C# Corner Annual Conference 2014
    Things I learn from C# Corner Annual Conference 2014

  4. Pinal Dave, SqlAuthority, Author, Speaker, Trainer
    An Amazing Event Presented At North INDIA's Largest Conference by C# Corner

  5. Brij Mishra, Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, Speaker
    Reinventig myself after attending Csharpconf14

  6. C# Corner MVP Jasminder Singh writes:
    C# Annual Conference 2014 - An Experience of a Lifetime
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