C# Corner Annual Conference 2019

The C# Corner Annual Conference 2019 was an annual event for software professionals and developers at Delhi. In this blog, I am sharing my experience with you.

I am a C# Corner MVP and in this blog, I am sharing my experience at the C# Corner Annual Conference 2019 this April. For starters, this has been a great experience attending the Conference as one of the MVPs. I met many intelligent and sharp international colleagues, experienced developers, software experts, and specialists from different domains, companies, and countries. Personally, I think this conference was very well organized and very successfully executed by the hard-working core team of the community. I would really thank and appreciate NAVEEN SHARMA, PRAVEEN MOOSAD, DINESH BENIWAL, NITIN PANDIT, MANISH TEWATIA, DHANANJAY KUMAR, and the entire C# corner team. Pardon me if I forgot to add any name. I fully enjoyed the event with so many interesting sessions and discussions on various topics.

Here, I have attached some good memories of mine from the C# Corner Conference 2019.

With C# Corner Founder and CEO, Mahesh Chand

With Praveen Moosad

With Magnus Martensson
Received MVP award from Mahesh Chand

Several of the sessions, I attended, were delivered by Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors. Well, all these have been very informative and insightful on their particular technology. I would like to take this chance to reflect upon my enriching experiences in India and summarize in what ways this C# Corner Conference helps others to make a comparative study of software practices and adopt an international perspective on how to benefit from the exchange of ideas, the sharing of knowledge, and in the meantime examine its relevance to career in developing.

Once again, thank you very much MAHESH CHAND for motivating us and helping us to enhance ourselves.