C# Corner MVP Summit Good Bye

We just concluded our C# Corner MVP Summit. I've just one word. WOW! WOW!

This is first time, I had seen such an energy in community world. 

Let me start saying, thank you all MVPs coming from all over INDIA and outside. I know, it is not easy to leave your work and family behind. I was honored to be with all C# Corner MVPs who are making us what we are today.

I do not have too many photos in my iPhone so just uploading what I got here with a little bit of recap but more photos and stories will be developed by the team and other MVPs.


Before keynote. We had to red-carpet treatment for MVPs. See background wall. 


C# Corner MVP Veena has great points, feedback to improve the community. 


C# Corner MVPs work hard but party harder.


Evening Party


Morning breakfast. Shiv, DJ and Chander's company is always priceless. I can sit with them for hours and time flies. Last night, we discussed from journey of our lives to funny stories and all over word traveling by Shiv. 


Dinesh, Chander, and Praveen - Well done guys! Much appreciated Chander coming from USA and hosting such as great event and speaking on a great topic. 


Final goodbye. With all hard work, DJ, Manish and Dinesh are so tired, they can't even stand :) 

None of us really wanted to leave. 

I've uploaded more photos here >

More updates are coming soon with more details.