C# or VB.NET

You heard it right. Choose C# over VB.NET. Why? Because C# programmers get paid more than VB.NET. That's reason #1.

OK, wait. Let's take a step back. 

I've been consulting for many years now and I work on both C# and VB.NET depending on the client's requirements. I've seen more clients are migrating from Java to C# or VB.NET C#, not counting C++ to C# but I still see many sticking with VB to VB.NET route.

Both languages support almost every thing. There is not much difference besides syntaxes and minor performance differences.

If you are a manager and want to know which language you should choose, here is the answer.

  1. If you are migrating from C++ or Java, C# is the choice. Don't even think about VB.NET.
  2. If you are migrating from VB, then you may have to think if you want to put your team into a learning curve of a new language? In that case, you may want to stick with VB.NET. However, your team has think more object-oriented. VB.NET isn't VB anymore.

If you are a programmer, you may want to think sharp, C#. Here is why -

  1. Averate salary/rate for a C# programmer is more than a VB.NET programmer. Click Survey link.
  2. C# sounds like more object-oriented (sharp) than VB.NET even though both are pretty close.
  3. C# compiler is faster (even though very little)
  4. Our site is C# Corner ;). Ok, this one is not a reason.

What you think?

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