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Personal growth is a journey that's  never complete. It's easily sidelined by the day's urgent tasks, yet it's essential for long-term job satisfaction and advancement. 

Tips To Boost Your Career
  1. Know your goal.
  2. Competence alone will not get you what you want.
  3. Take some career development risks.
  4. Trust your gut.
  5. Network, network, network.
  6. Fake it until you make it.
  7. Only pursue goals that you actually want to achieve.
  8. Fill your life with a combination of work, education, fun, and exercise.
  9. Become an entrepreneur.
  10. Get publicity technically by using social networking site/s.
  11. Contribute your technical skills and knowledge through professional organizations (like C# Corner ).
Know your goal

That means you should choose the proper goal for your lifetime. It's not like a girlfriend. Don't listen to too many people because "Different people have different opinions". So, you should choose the proper technology that will take you to fulfil your goal, e.g. - "Microsoft Platform".

Competence alone will not get you what you want

To make your future bright, you can't handle it alone. You should have some assistance. It is not like going to an exam and writing something. To make a company and organization, you find some companions who must be very close and trust worthy, e.g. - "Family & Friends".

Take some career development risks

You should attend career- and goal-related events. You should not be scared about failure. Just go and attend that will give you a lot of experience, e.g. - "Speech on stage in front of public".

Trust your gut

That means trust your inner voice and trust your intuition. Spending time with friends is good because that will bring you peace but you can't get your inner voice; for that, silence is required. So, take time, go to a silent place, and ask your own heart, try to talk to yourself. I am pretty sure, you will get lifetime achievement answer.

Network, network, network

You should have a good network. Make some trustworthy friends and relatives. More networks are more helpful. Make a network of people who understand your point of view and help in walking on your path. One Non-Technical employee can't understand a technical/software employee. Try to make a network of people who are related to your work (domain) and field of interest.

Fake it until you make it

Believing in yourself is the key element to that. If you don't feel confident, just pretend you are until you gain the experience or tools necessary to make it all real.

Only pursue goals that you actually want to achieve

Follow that one goal which will give you peace and happiness. You should have one goal but different paths. Wait for a good time and keep doing your work that must be related to your goal.

Fill your life with a combination of work, education, fun, and exercise

To achieve your goal, only education and work are not OK . You must have fun and entertainment in life. Also, do some exercise and yoga that will make you calm and will bring peace to your brain as well as make your body active.

Try to become an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is an employee who is given the authority and support to create a new product without having to be concerned about whether or not the product will actually become a source of revenue for the company. Many successful IT startups foster a culture of entrepreneurship informally by allowing employees to pursue their own technical interests during work hours or by sponsoring events such as hackathons or other social coding get-togethers.

You must do something new that has never happened before and be innovative. Whatever business you start, that must fulfill the public or client requirement. Experiment on that and let it come to the market. In today's era, people want things without much work like purchasing online at instead of travelling to a mall across traffic.

Get publicity technically by using Social Networking sites

In your profession, you can gain a huge amount of publicity through Facebook and Twitter, unlike Bollywood or Hollywood where actors and co-actors go to the public and promote their movies. In your case, you should promote your stuff through online sites. So, leverage social media and the internet to the fullest.

Contribute your technical skills and knoweldge

You can contribute through more professional organizations, like C# Corner and Microsoft (MSDN)
Join an online community like C# Corner and Microsoft(MSDN).

Not only do you get the best MNC company but also, the public will know you in a very short span of time through these online communities which have millions of users.


Make some changes in yourself and be innovative. Only doing  a job and getting money does not define your life. Let people know about your profession even when you work in startups or MNC.

The above mentioned description and discussion shows one thing, that C# Corner is one of the inspirations for me. 

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