Challenges And Issues In Microsoft SharePoint Online

  1. Performance issues in SharePoint online.

  2. Issues with Excel and SharePoint online.


    I opened the Excel spreadsheet from Office 365 SharePoint team site, chose to edit in native Excel. Regularly saving the file, Excel confirming save was ok. SharePoint records these saves as new versions but no data in the file has been saved

    MS Help - I'd suggest you to look in the Admin Recycle Bin - https -//

    Edit - a few similar issues happened to my tenants with Excel too. Please review my first point and also, check in your Documents library if you didn't get a copy of you file (i.e. filename (2).xlsx) or filename - Editable.xlsx

  3. Increasing the List View Threshold in SharePoint Online is not permitted.

    MS Help - We should use indexing to manage large lists in SharePoint online.

  4. Open with file explorer is not working and it is a troubleshooting issue in SharePoint Online MS Help - we should add this site to our Trusted Sites list and select the “Keep me signed in” check box when you sign in to the SharePoint Online site 5 - SSRS is not available yet in Office 365 MS Help - if you have used SSRS for on-premises farm, this cannot be used in SharePoint Online and you will be required to find alternate ways, possibly using Excel Services and Power BI.

  5. Site collection hard limit for database content is 100GB

    MS Help - This is an alternate way we have to create multiple site collections.

  6. We can add up to 25 web parts to a single wiki page or web page. MS Help - we have to use multiple pages.

  7. Creating custom ribbon in outlook online using java script

  8.  No Full Trust code is possible on the Office 365 platform MS Help - we should use sandbox solution.

  9. Migration

    • There are no timer jobs in Office 365
    • There are no event receivers in SharePoint Online
SharePoint timer jobs and Event Receivers do not have a direct migration option in SharePoint Online. These will be deployed in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 on-premises as full trust solutions.
  1. Corrupted Lists
    Sometimes, the data in some columns in migrated lists will not be available. Specially, if you have a user name in a column, and if the user is not in the new environment Active Directory, the column will be replaced with an empty space. (There is a functionality in metalogix let you assign another user for the missing users while migrating)

  2. Custom Components will not work
    Custom web parts, Master Pages and infopath forms have to be rebuilt manually

  3. User Profile
    Service in Infopath will not work with claim based authentication. You have to do a workaround by creating a secure store service and using the data connection files to use Secure Store Service with NTLM to access the service via InfoPath.

  4. If you are using Nintex workflows,
    some workflows may malfunction as some Services are not compatible and you have to rebuild the workflow.

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