Changing Data Source In Power BI

Have you gone through the problem of creating a Power BI report with the data source in the local device? And, when you move the data source from one location to the other, are you unable to refresh the data, even when it resides in the same device?

This problem that you are having, is that the Power BI desktop cannot locate the data source. To solve this issue, follow the given steps:
  1. Click on Edit Queries on the home ribbon.

  2. On the left, you can see Applied Changes window. This window shows all the changes that you have applied to the dataset.

    The first, on this list, is the Source. This lists the source of the data.


  3. Double click on the source. You will now see a new window pop-up. On the file path, you will have the file path you have been using.

  4. Click on the Browse button and select the file from the new location and click OK.

  5. Now, click on Close & Apply and save the changes, made to the source. If the changes are not saved, the source will remain unchanged.

With these simple steps, the data source for your reports is changed. You can now start doing your analysis as usual.