Check Microsoft Azure Services Live Running Status


Microsoft provides a dashboard to check the Azure Services live running status across geographic regions, which helps us know which service is running and which one is down. Click on the following link to check the Azure service's live running status:
After clicking on the preceding link, the following dashboard will appear:
Check Microsoft Azure Services LIve Running Status
The Azure status dashboard has the following features:
  • Automatic screen refresh based on the selected time duration
  • Allows to choose how frequently refresh the dashboard
  • Allows to choose the specific datacenter location
  • Shows the legends to describe the status such as good, Information, warning and critical, etc.
  • Link to see the past outrage issues with a detailed explanation
  • Link to set the custom alert from the portal for specific service which you are using in the application
There are lots of good things shown, please visit them personally using the above link and explore it.