Choosing the right SMS Software

If the time has already come when you stand up and make a statement, "I want an sms software!”, your next step is to choose visely from the available programs on the market. Instead of a sudden, incautious move, you better take little baby steps when searching for the perfect software. Don't rush, because you have plenty of things to think over.

First of all, let's have a closer look at the producing company. The easiest thing you can get to know about a company is probably the number of the years for how long it's on the market. In this case, too young isn't good, neither too old. Experience againts freshness. Experience is a great advantage, but we should never forget that requirements are changing all the time. A good company always cares about its customers and their changing requirements in order to please them and keep them. So, according to these, the perfect company has the steadyness and reliability of an old one, but also has the ability of listening, in order to renew and change in a good way. It always have to be counted on and up-to-date at the same time.

It is worthwhile to know about the extension of the company, too. To get to the point immediately: Avoid one-man shows. You can easily see that it is fairly unlikely that one person is competent in everything. So you should put the trust in the company where the employees are all experts of their speciality. This can simply be tested. All you have to do is to send an e-mail (or more) to the company's support team. You can get to know a lot of meaningful things from the response e-mail you will get. First of all, the speed of the answering employees. If you get back an answer quickly, or immediately, you can be sure of the importance of your letter. If they answer fastly, their competency can't be queried. Competency can also be measured from the quality of the answer, of course. You will see how experts they are in the technical stuff from the way the response e-mail is composed.

Flexibility is also a very important thing. Ask for some supporting task, and see how they react. If they're ready to make your development, you will know that they are reliable and can be trusted, for sure.

Now let's see the product itself. You have to be awared of your requirements to find the most suitable solution. You shouldn't let anyone to talk you into something that isn't perfectly appropriate for you. I suggest you to gather and write down on a piece of paper all the features you would like the software to contain and then start searching on the internet. If you're not really an expert in the subject, let me recommend you some main points you should pay attention to.
  • The two main advantages of a software are related to its speed and stability. For example, a software providing 500 sms/second can definitely be called a high performance software.
  • Find out whether the software is multiplatform or not. Of course, multiplatform softwares are better choice, because they are able to handle not only sms messages, but mms and voice messages, too. It's a feature that can be useful in many situations.
  • If you're constantly worrying about whether your message has reached its destination or not, delivery report service can also be a must-have feature for your software. You can receive two types of reports: report of the message arrived to the network, or report of the message arrived to the recipient. The best a software sends both.
  • Examine the connections the software can make. Your sms system stays the steadiest if it is connecting only to the service provider and not using any intermediate connections. It's also an advantage if the program enables you to choose from multiple types of connection (for example: GSM MODEM, IP SMS connection, etc.). This is the way how you are connecting to the service provider. You can save a lot of money, if you can also set up which service provider to use for inbound and outbound connections, because messages from inside a service are always cheaper.
  • Don't forget about the price. Open source programs might be for free, but being free doesn't mean being better, necessarily. Developers work on open source programs usually for fun, in their free-time. So you can never be sure if there will be a new version of the program. Meanwhile, at a company selling software licenses developers are employed to make the improvements constantly, so you can always be up-to-date.
  • But why paying for a software after you've bought it? – you are entitled to ask. My suggestion is also to avoid products with time-investment. There is no sense in paying monthly fees after the product is legally yours. Pay attention to this.

If you take my pieces of advice, you more likely will choose the right software. So, begin to take your notes, and get your sms software by tomorrow!

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