Clues To Make Superfast Web Design For Better Customer Experience

Websites are super responsive now. In 2016, the competition in the world of the Web has reached its summit and it is a buyer's market. As there is neck and neck competition among  business rivals, all the site owners are aggressively presenting their site in a way, which can offer its visitors an ultra-fast site visit experience! Gone are those days, when the visitors used to wait for a slow site. Unless your site is superfast, your visitor will go away.

General parameter of super-fast websites

Find below some real life data about the parameter of an ultra-responsive Website.

  • According to a study by Akamai, 47% of users want a site to be loaded in two seconds or less than two seconds.
  • According to Google Webmasters, E commerce shoppers prefer to get an access and complete view of a site in about 2-3 seconds: however, Google aims for less than half of one second.
  • 57% of users may abandon a mobile site, if the site takes longer than 3 seconds to be loaded.

However, the overall verdict coming from these statistics is the “faster the better."  The reason behind the ardent love for speed is the aggressive desire to improve the user experience. Here are some realistic tips to make your Website design super-fast and ultra-attractive.

Build the Website on minimalistic design

The designers are required to stick to the right code of minimalism to make a site, which is light and hardly takes time to get loaded from one page to the next.

However, the most common minimalistic features, which makes user experience of a Website super lightning fast are given below.

  • Use of hamburger menu as an alternative to a typical navigation bar.
  • Wide availability of white or negative space.
  • Squat Web forms.
  • Images of a smaller size.
  • Global use of one font instead of diverse types of fonts on the site.

Understand the importance of the perception of performance

Even in Web design, awareness is a reality. This means that the designs, which are just counted as highly usable do not essentially have to be ultra-fast in order to yield high levels of user satisfaction or a well-perceived, brilliant UX.

Although a fast site offers an excellent user experience and it is of utmost importance, Web Designing company Bangalore mostly creates faster sites. It has been globally observed that if the site experience is fast and the users find it fast, the users feel happy to use it. Instead of applying complex technical solutions to mend the response time of a Website, it is a better solution that the Web designers can increase the acuity of the performance to make the interface seem faster.

Optimizing Servers

One of the important aspects of making a site super-fast is the ways of handing the server. Specifically it is all about tackling the Server response time in a way, which gives super-fast response. Technically the Server response time is the time gap for a Server to respond against a Browser request. The Web developers count on this response time, as it is one of the reasons behind making a super-fast Website.

In other words, the Web designers can optimize their individual pages for speed at an optimum pace, but in cases where the Server is not taken into account, there is a high chance the overall site speed will turn lackluster!

Some of the must follow strategies can help a Server response be time super-fast.
  • Use fewer resources for each page (Concede images, combine exterior CSS files, synchronize the external JavaScript files).
  • Use a network for content-delivery or CDN.
  • Introduce the use of a caching solution.
  • Try to improve Web Server software configuration.

Faster sites attract more traffic, buyers, and readers

Faster speed of the Website is no longer a luxury. It is rather the secret of sustaining the brand image in the Web world. There is no alternative to the super-fast Website and its user experience. This is the only reliable way to attract and retain the traffic for better business volume.

Improved Website speed can boost productivity. When the design enhances the productivity of a Website, the productivity and an efficiency of the Web designing company can easily be mapped and it is the best point.

By implementing the tips mentioned above, you are guaranteed to improve the speed of the sites you design. This means happy clients, who will be impressed with your design skills and therefore more business coming your way as a designer!