Conceptual View To Enrich SharePoint Enterprise Search

Search is one of the key features of the SharePoint Platform. It really helps business to grow and make their regular operations cost effective.

It really is vital to show the right content to the right people. I believe it’s big from asking customers and really feasible using the below pillars at least 70 percent of the time.


Information Architecture

  1. The organization has a rich profile of employees as compared to Google. It’s quite possible to get rich user profile properties with this data.
  2. Application defined schema and structure for storing & categorization of content.
  3. Integration with a different source like LOB, SAP, One drive Google drive, drop box etc.

Contextual Search
  1. Organizations have rich user profile attributes which can be derived from multiple sources 
  2. The content has logical categories within Site Collection, Subsites, List & Libraries
  3. Segment filters the content based on user region, locale etc.



  1. User experience is very crucial to catch the audience and meaningful UI.
  2. Re-configure the template as per department & area.
  3. Display trending results on the top (first page) i.e. most viewed, liked, comments & shared etc.



  1. Rich and appropriate tags help to find the content. It’s really possible with automation jobs to find the matching content from taxonomy & defined weight-age of text.
  2. Metadata is required around schema like Sites, Folder, List & Library i.e. Static or Dynamic. It really helps to drill down the results.
  3. It really helps to build query suggestions.