Conditional Formula To Show/Hide Columns In a SharePoint List


A much-awaited feature in the SharePoint Online list was the conditional show/hide columns based on the values of other columns. We now have this feature available in targeted releases and will be available very soon to all tenants.
This feature will help customize the new form in the SharePoint list to show or hide columns based on some conditions. Let's look at how we can use the conditional show/hide columns in a SharePoint List.

Steps to Specify the Condition Formula

Step 1
Create a Custom List and create all the required columns as per the need once the list and columns are provisioned.
To Configure a conditional formula, click on the new button.
Conditional Formula To Show Hide Columns In SharePoint List
Step 2
Once the new form is available, we can now click on Edit form,  which would provide us a flyout with values as "Edit Column" and "Customize with Power Apps".
Select the Edit Column Option.
 Conditional Formula To Show Hide Columns In SharePoint List
Step 3
Now a new Panel will appear with the list of all the columns present in the list now we can navigate to the right side and click on the (:) three dots to edit the conditional formula.
 Conditional Formula To Show Hide Columns In SharePoint List
Below is the table of a reference formula for the different columns.
 Column Type Reference formula 
 Choice column  =if([$Category]=='Information Technology','true', 'false')
 Number column  =if([$Cost]<=120, 'true','false')
 Date column  =if([$StartDate]>=Date('4/6/2020'),'true','false')
 Person column  =if([$]=='', 'true', 'false')
 Boolean (Yes/No) column  =if([$Flag]==true,'true','false')
We can use @me for current User
Also, the below logical operators are allowed with the formula.
 Operator  Description
 &&  Logical AND operator
 ||  Logical OR Operator
 !  Logical NOT Operator


We can now create an out-of-the-box form in SharePoint with custom show hide logic this can be very helpful when we do not want to use PowerApp
 Conditional Formula To Show Hide Columns In SharePoint List