Connect ADFS Server With ASP.NET

Here you will see how ADFS server has been interconnected with ASP.NET applications. A single Sign-On method has been used to interconnect between C# to ADFS server.

We should have "LocalSTS.exe.config" inside the application to communicate with the ADFS server. 
And we have to update a few things in a web.config file. 
And, the ADFS server should know the login user details. The Authority will take care of that part:
  1. <authority name="">  
  2.     <keys>  
  3.         <add thumbprint="1a5a0a3460d8e9cbd7738b921bb4aba5aecba8ee" /> </keys>  
  4.     <validIssuers>  
  5.         <add name="" /> </validIssuers>  
  6. </authority>  
The above code should be added in web.config file.

You should use 4.5 frameworks to implement this. Attached is a sample application for your verification. 
Hope this helps.
Please send me comments for more details.