Create A Delayed Site Collection In SharePoint Server 2013

What is delayed Site Collection?

If you create a Site Collection, they have a template example team site, publishing site etc. Each site collection must be attached with any one of the site template. Using delayed Site Collection, you can create a Site Collection without pick up template. You can decide and pick your template after successful creation of Site Collection.

Let’s see how to create a delayed collection in Sharepoint Server.

Open Sharepoint Central Administration.

Click Application management.

Under Site Collections -> click Create a Site Collection.

Provide the title, description and URL.

Provide the Sharepoint experience version to 2013.

In template selection -> click Custom -> Pick select template later option.


Provide the username to access Site Collection -> Click OK. 

After successful creation -> Log into Site Collection, which is shown below.



It will very useful for developers and administrators, as they are able to pick the template after the requirements are clear.

Happy learning.