Create A Solid Base Using Gdevelop


This blog is based on creating a Solid Stage for a player using “Gdevelop." It's an open source Software and the games can be exported with GDevelop, since it is based on the native HTML5 platform. Gdevelop is also a Cross platform game engine.


“Gdevelop” IDE version 4.0 (Free).


First, you have to open the “Gdeveop” Software project.

Create project

Click Project-> New, Select->HTML 5 Platform.

Open->Empty Project and then Create the new project. We can see from the given following template,


Now, for opening a new scene, we need to open and set the following conditions,

Default set conditions,

  1. Scene
  2. Events.

Right hand side, Object editor.

Click on-> object bar and then Open->Add an Object.

Inserting Tiled Sprite

We need to add the tiled object, Right click->in Scene layout and->insert a new object,



After theWindow Stage appearance, select Tiled sprite object. Click-on->ok.


Go back to Scene “Gdevelop”, select-> Preview to Open Browser,  the following template will be displayed in output continuously .



I hope you understood this blog. We have created a solid stage using Gdevelop IDE. Thanks for reading.


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