Create A Storage Account In Azure


Azure Storage account is a kind of Software as a service, which allows you to store a large amount of data with low cost. It consist of four data services as listed below,

  • Blob Storage
  • File Storage
  • Queue Storage and
  • Table Storage

In this blog we are going to see, just how to create a storage account using Azure portal.

Create a Storage account in Azure

Step 1

Login into the azure portal ( using your azure account

Step 2

Click on New and in marketplace search for storage account as shown in below figure

Figure 1

Step 3

Select storage account and click on create as shown in below figure

Figure 2 

Step 4

Create storage account window will be opened

  • Give a storage account Name
  • Deployment mode- choose resource manager which is default one
  • Account Kind – Let it be General purpose so that you can use all types of storage data services
  • Replication - we have four kind of replication, the selection is based on our requirement,RA-GRS is selected by default which is costly compare to other replication options.
  • Choose the respective subscription
  • Create or use existing resource group
  • Choose respective location based on requirement

Once your're all done click on create, and the deployment will start,

Figure 3

After completing the deployment, go to resource and find the storage account and click it, you will find the access key option, by default the storage account provide two access key to access it from external application as shown in below figure. 

Figure 4 
Figure 5 - Key and connection string to access storage account from external application


We have seen how to create a storage account in azure using azure portal from this blog, and in my future articles we will see how to acess the storage account from an external application using key and connection string and how to work with blob and other data services in azure storage