Create Barcode With Powerapps


In this blog, we will see how to Generate Barcode Using canvas powerapps

Barcode with Powerapps

Created Sample Record

Barcode with Powerapps

Login to Powerapps --> Create an Canvas App--> Connect with Dataverse(Based on your Backend)

Barcode with Powerapps

Above shows the Gallery Record

Create a new Screen (Name: BarcodeScreen) --> Add a Button called Generate barcode

On-select of Generate Barcode --> Navigate(BarcodeScreen,ScreenTransition.Cover)

Barcode with Powerapps

Open BarcodeScreen

Add a HTML Text by Selecting Text at the Top of the Ribbon

Barcode with Powerapps

Navigate to the URL:

Barcode with Powerapps

You can see the Data and Refresh Button

Whatever data you are entering in the Data will automatically display as Barcode image

Scroll down and Copy <img> </img>(Line)

Barcode with Powerapps

URL : 

"<img alt='Barcode Generator TEC-IT' src='' width=400; height=300/>"

Now to populate values dynamically from the Main Gallery(Step 1)

Replace URL (BARCODE) like below

"<img alt='Barcode Generator TEC-IT' src='"&mainGallery.Selected.'Barcode ID'&"&code=&multiplebarcodes=false&translate-esc=true&unit=Fit&dpi=96&imagetype=Gif&rotation=0&color=%23000000&bgcolor=%23ffffff&codepage=Default&qunit=Mm&quiet=0&hidehrt=False' width=400; height=300/>"

That’s it.

Barcode with Powerapps

You can see the generated Barcode.

github link for your reference

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