Create Bing Custom Search Cognitive Service - Using Azure Portal

It briefs about bing custom search cognitive services you create in your Azure subscription. After creating the resource, use the keys and endpoint generated for you to authenticate any search application you provide.

Bing Custom Search enables you to create tailored search experiences for many applications. By enabling the service in Azure, we can customise our own search application in our organization.
Lets get started on creating the Bing Custom search API in our Azure portal. 
  • Go to and login with valid subscription.
  • Look for the Cognitive Services on the top search bar and click to open the link.
  • After Navigating to Cognitive services, click “Add” resources to create Bing custom search & Bing Auto suggestion API’s.
  • Steps to Create Bing Custom Search API:
  1. Choose Bing Custom Search icon whichppeared on your screen.
  2. Click on “Create” button and enter the Name, subscription, pricing and resource group for getting creating. Sample screen is given below.
  3. Click “Create” button to create the Bing custom search API service on your portal.
  4. Once done, grab one of the keys that was generated for you as you’ll need it later on.
By using the Bing Custom Search Service, you created helps to develop and consume the service for multiple search application for your organisation. 
The Salient points for this Bing custom search:
  • To get complete control over which domains, subsites, or webpages to surface results from.
  • Free hosted UI for search experience.
  • Ability to promote, demote, and pin search results.
  • Trusted indexing and relevance capabilities of Bing.
  • Ads Free search experience for your website.
 Note : The keys which are generated while creating the service should not be shared in any of the public portal.