Create Storage Account And Container

Hello Guys,

Today in this blog we are just going to create an Azure Storage, Container and then going to add a Blob Storage inside the Container. So, let's just start with this blob storage solution.

Create Azure Storage

Step 1 - Login to the Azure Portal and then Click on the Create Resouce.

Step 2 - After clicking on the Create Resource you will be redirected to the Create a Resource tab. Over here search for the "storage account". Once you found the Storage Account then click on the create option.

Step 3 - Once you click on the Create you will redirect to the Storage Account resource tab, then click on the Create over here.

Step 4 - At this step you are redirected to the Create a storage account page. Now, over here select the subscription and then add the required information, then click on the Next:Advance> 

Step 5 - After This step completes all steps from Advance to Review+Create and then at last click on the Create. Then you will be redirected to the Home page and there you can see the new Storage Account is Created.

Now, we have created the Storage Account from now we are going to create a new container inside it and then we are going to upload blob or file inside this container.

Create Container

For creating the Container Click on the Storage Account and it will redirect you to the storage account information.

Now, click on the Container in the Left Menu bar and then click on the "+ Container".

After Click on the Create Container button, you can see the slide out menu from the Right Side.

Now, add the container name and then set the privacy of the container and then click on the Create option and it will going to create a new container.

Now, Click on the Upload and it will open the slide out dialog to upload the blob. Now, Upload the file or Folder in the container and then you can see the folder like following.

Now, when you open the uploaded folder you can see the image file inside it and you can get the link of the image to access it from anywhere from the information,

You can get it from click on the three dot button besides it and click on view or edit and from that you will get the link to access this image remotely.

You can copy it and then check it in your browser and you can access it in any browser from anywhere.

I hope this blog is helpful to you and you can share questions if you have any.


Aditi Bamaniya