Create And Install ASP.NET Membership Database


In this blog, I have briefly discussed ASP.NET SQL Server Membership Database installation on SQL Server. 
  • Install the latest or an older version of SQL Server Express Edition.

Steps To Create & Install ASP.NET Membership Database

Step 1
Run aspnet_regsql.exe utility from C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 folder on your machine. Selecting or double-clicking the aspnet_regsql.exe utility opens the wizard as below. 

Selecting the Next button on the above window opens the next window where you can either configure SQL Server for Application services or remove Application services information from an existing database.
Step 2
Select configure SQL Server for application services radio button to install a new database and select the Next button.
Step 3
Enter your SQL Express server name as <your Machine name \SQL Express> as shown below. Note that you can change the application services database name to your desired name (aspnetdb by default) and in this example, I have set the name to AspnetMembership.
Step 4
Select the Next button and confirm that your settings are correct to go further with installation (shown in below image) and select the Next button.
Step 5
Selecting the Next button on the above window takes you to the confirmation window as below after successful installation of your application services database for ASP.NET. 
Step 6
You will see the installed AspnetMembership database ready to use within your ASP.NET application.

Happy coding ... 

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