Create Master Page Template In PHP

In this blog, you will learn how to create master page template in PHP.

1. Open the XAMPP control panel and start two services, Apache and MySQL, as shown below.

xampp control panel

2. Open Macromedia Dreamweaver and select PHP.

macromedia dreamweaver

3. Write the HTML code. Save it as c:/xampp/htdocs/sample/index.php (It is the default PHP master page).


4. Go to your browser. Type localhost/sample (sample is the folder name).


5. Go to site tab and click New site.

New site

6. Enter the site name and click Next.

site name

7. Click the radio button - Yes, I want to use a server technology and select PHP MySql from the drop down. Click on Next.
 PHP MySql

8. Create the folder name in templates and select the folder.


9. Save the file into Templates folder. File name is "temp.dwt." here. 


10. Now, create the next page using template. 
Thus, this is how we can create a master page template in PHP.

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