Creating Query Shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio

You can create shortcuts for commonly used queries in SQL Management Studio. Some of the shortcuts are predefined, like  "Alt + F1" will execute "sp_help" and "Ctrl + 1" will execute "sp_who". You can create new shortcuts for your own queries.

To create a new shortcut,
Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard > Query Shortcuts
For example, you can create a shortcut for:
"Ctrl + 3 " : SELECT * FROM  (single space after from keyword)
Now just write a table name in new query and press "ctrl + 3" and query will executed.

If you are working in any query or store procedure this will help you a lot to check the data in the specific table.
Below are some more examples of shortcut. 
  • "ctrl + 3" for all the records in table.
  • "ctrl + 4" for count a records in specific table.
  • "ctrl + 5" to get text of store procedure of function. 
You have still more shortcuts to create. Now make your own shortcut and improve your productivity.