DEP0100: Please ensure that target device has developer mode enabled

Error DEP0100: Please ensure that target device has developer mode enabled. Could not check to see if Developer Mode is enabled on the local machine due to error 00000490. To learn more about Developer Mode, please visit

You get this error when first time building your .NET MAUI app using Visual Studio 2022. 

Reason: Developer mode is not enabled on Windows.

.NET MAUI needs the developer mode to be enabled on the target device. When you are building your app on a computer, the developer mode needs to be enabled. If your target device is any other external device such as HoloLens or other, make sure that the developer mode is enabled. 


Go to Privacy & security > For developers and enable Developer mode. 

Windows developer mode

Now build and run your app. 

Here is a good article: Get Started with .NET MAUI using Visual Studio 2022.

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