Developers. Think Quality! Think Usability!

I cannot emphasize enough how frustrated I get when developers don't think outside of the box. I see developers just coding, coding and blindly coding. They just focus on functionality. This is the trend I have seen a lot in India. I am not sure what the reason is. Maybe less client exposure and management pressure? Perhaps, less experience? 
If you want to be a good developer, you need to think outside of the box. You need to think about what a user is thinking. You need to put yourself in a user's shoes. As I wrote in my blog, A good programmer always thinks like a user, you need to transform yourself in a user. You need to think what you would have wanted if you were the user.
Alright, here is an example and you tell me if I am wrong. 
If you are developer in INDIA, I am sure you have heard of Naukri. This is a big company and we can compare it to in US. You would think their website is done flawlessly?  
First of all, they should not be spamming me. I have never registered with them. 
Anyway, I get this email. As you can see, they even have created my fake ID. Seriously Naukari? Spam.png Spam2.png
At the bottom of the email, there is "Unsubscribe" hyperlink. If I click on that, I go to their registration page. So it does not take me to the Unsubscribe page but ask me to register first. Seriously? 
I am not sure if the developers are "so bad", they couldn't fix this problem or the management is trying to be a smart ass. But I can tell them one thing for sure, they are seeking a big lawsuit. Spam in USA is a serious crime. No shit!
If they don't fix this soon, somebody is looking for trouble.