Directory structure Treeview

Showing directory structure in TreeView control using c# :

This blog will walk you through using a tree view control of the windows forms application in .net to show the directory structure on your computer.  Create a windows form application in visual studio. Drag and drop the tree view control on the form design.


Code at Form load :

Here we specify the Directory path from where we want to show the directory structure and call a method to populate the treeView.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


    DirectoryInfo root = new DirectoryInfo(@"D:\folder");
    TreeNode node = populateTree(root,null);


Now we write the method  populateTree which is called in the form load. This method is recursively called which allows it to read through the nesting of the directories.

TreeNode populateTree(DirectoryInfo root, TreeNode parent)

  TreeNode node = new TreeNode(root.Name);

    DirectoryInfo[] subdirs = root.GetDirectories();
    foreach (DirectoryInfo subdir in subdirs)



    if (parent == null)

        return node;


        return parent;



In this method we are passing the root (ie the path starting from which we want to show the directory structure) and its parent which is Initially NULL

For each subdirectory in the root and sub-sub directories and so on, we call the method recursively by passing the appropriate parent. This method drills down through the directory structure and creates an appropriate parent-child hierarchy.

The result will be a tree view showing the structure of the folders