Easily Fit in my Pocket

If you're looking for a pocket-sized smartphone, this one is a great value and works very well. I've had it a couple of weeks and am very pleased so far. I mainly talk, text on the phone (I have a laptop and iPad for videos, emails etc.), so the portability/size tradeoff is totally worth it for me.


  • Easily fits in my pocket.
  • Fast 3G speed.
  • Nice looking and feels very good in my hand.
  • Good battery life, under normal use, holds charge all day; light use, 2-3 days; low use, up to 4-5 days.
  • Decent 4" screen, bright, clear, and works well in most lighting conditions.
  • Excellent value, well under $100 on Amazon with no contract.
  • Good reception, takes regular/micro sim cards.
  • Removable back cover and replaceable battery.
  • Runs Android version (4.2.2).
  • Add a Micro SD card for up to 32GB - no need to pay extra for newest versions with more memory.
  • Free screen protector already attached on the screen.
  • Standard micro USB for charging.


  • Half a second delay for camera autofocus.
  • Screen small for video watching (I am used to watching movies on my iPad).
This phone made with good features, reasonable performance, and an excellent price point. It's the best pocket-sized smartphone I've found, and a great value.