Easy Ways To Develop An iOS App And Website

If you are a developer and want to enhance your skills further to develop iOS apps and websites, you should opt to learn to build websites and iOS9 apps with Swift. You can opt for learning it online via various e-books or online tutorials, otherwise you can look at various books too. The online tutorials and videos have proven to be better as well as effective as compared to reading books. With the help of online video, you can gain on demand app development skills and master technologies. Thus, it will help you to move a step ahead in this technological society.


Swift came into existence in 2014 by Apple and has been gaining popularity since then. Since it is open-source, you will be able to write apps even for Linux. It is useful when you build mobile apps, websites, desktop software and cloud services. The programs written in Swift language are safe as well as extremely fast. It is easy to use, so anyone with a little knowledge even can create something unique.

Swift provides new features like generics, type inference and closures which makes Swift easier. It establishes a high level of interactivity. It doesn’t use syntax constructs. Thus, custom operators can be implemented by the developers.

Swift can be said to combine the features of C as well as Objective-C programming languages. It is dynamically typed. Many websites such as LinkedIn, Hipmunk and Lyft have developed as upgraded the iOS apps of these websites.


There are basically 6 reasons to opt for Swift in the fast pacing world,
  1. Readability
    Swift provides better readability. It is because of the clear syntax. This feature makes it easy to read, write and modify. The total number of coding lines needed to develop any app is lesser than as compared to Objective C.

  2. Low maintenance
    All the apps that have been published undergo maintenance costs. So, once an app is downloaded, the user needs to update it from time to time. But, Swift doesn’t have any dependency which keeps maintenance cost of Swift lower.

  3. Safer
    The syntax of Swift cuts down on different types of mistakes that may occur in Objective C. Thus, it helps to make the app secure and safer.

  4. Less coding
    Since Swift uses less coding, it is less time-consuming. At the same time, it is less error-prone.

  5. Speed
    Apple has dedicated itself to increase the speed level of Swift. Swift’s performance can be determined by the fact that it provides the fastest algorithm for calculation arithmetic.

  6. Open source
    Since Swift is open source, it can be used across different platforms. It helps in developing the best of the mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is also compatible with Objective-C and Cocoa.


The learning of Swift will enable you to develop on demand app development skills which will help you in coding as well.

Among the best features, watching the tutorials online at the desired speed is best. Here, desired speed means that you can increase or decrease the speed of the video according to your convenience.

Since Swift is mostly project-based, you need not learn useless coding. When you completely understand the basics, you will have practical websites and practical apps which you can include in the portfolio. Also, it has been observed that project-based concepts of the training suites are best when moving from A to B. When you practice more and more, it means you can learn practical as well as employable skills in no time.

Learning coding will give you a boost in your career by developing your on demand app development skills besides helping you to master the future technology. 

  • Complete beginners
  • People who love to enhance their skills at coding
  • People who are in need of passive income. There are various tools which can help them earn more money.
  • People wanting to give a boost to their career by taking online classes.


If you are interested in developing iOS apps, you should switch to Swift rather than clinging to Objective-C.
And, if you are thinking of not developing apps for Apple’s platforms which have iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS, then you may be surprised to know that the practical Swift apps are limited to only a few things such as the implementation of proof-of-concept in non-Apple platforms. But Swift is gaining popularity among the developers and thus is expanding at a larger scale.

Swift has become interesting because it is an extremely new language with well-developed features as well as design elements. It provides an extremely strong safety. It is very fast because of its usage of the compiler project named LLVM.

Also, it has various interesting features like the error-handling system, and protocol-oriented architecture.

All the factors relating to Swift come from the protocol-oriented architecture which tells about the behavior of objects, rather than their inheritance trees. All such features help Swift to become a favourite for the developers being “modern, fast, interactive and safe”.

Swift works well with the development of the desktop as well as mobile applications. The developers are now able to build the software very quickly with the help of an interactive REPL


For around 30 years, Objective-C has been working very well. The biggest reason for introducing Swift is that Apple can use Swift to add and modify any function according to its convenience.

Swift is the future because it delivers direct ways to develop the apps by being an influential language. It can be used to develop enterprise applications and even such apps that are supported by Apple Watch. Moreover, the biggest plus point of Swift is that it is portable and so, any iOS app can be ported to Android easily.


If you want to be a developer, with the help of sSwift you can develop apps for iOS platforms and other Apple devices like Apple TV (tvOS), Mac (OS X), and Apple Watch (watchOS). So, if you are aware of the basics of iOS development, you can move to other platforms easily. You are likely to find similarities between SDKs (Software Development Kit). This can expand your job opportunities when you include them in your portfolio.
Swift was declared open source on December 3, 2015. This paved the way for other developers to make contributions to the possible source code. Thus, it was a good move on Apple’s part as it will cause an accelerated speed of improvement as well as bug fixes. These contributions can be made available for building apps for Linux. Thus, you can implement Swift code on Linux platforms as well.

In the future, the developers may develop various apps for Apple devices on other platforms as well. It will pave the way for iOS development to all other developers because there will be no barrier to use Mac computer for developing apps. Swift being open source, developers can use it to develop for other platforms. If it gains popularity and tools for implementing it are built, the mobile development will possess a great future being easier to learn to build new apps on all platforms. Thus, Swift has a promising future.


It is easy to learn Swift on iPad through Swift Playgrounds. In this, you need to create small programs, which are called “playgrounds”, that immediately display the results of the written code. Even a single line of code can do amazing things. There are interactive lessons that teach basic key coding. Moreover, there are additional challenges as well as templates that encourage you for exploring code in entirely new ways so that you can create completely unique things. There are some playgrounds which use Bluetooth for controlling drones, robots, and some other hardware accessories. With Swift, it becomes easy to share all your creations with your friends. You can even record and then post the videos of your playgrounds.


If you want to learn Swift, then there is a wide range of resources available in the form of books and tutorials. Xcode can be downloaded from the Store. Also, books on Swift programming have been released by Apple on the iBooks Store, named, The Swift Programming Language (iBooks Store). It can be downloaded easily without any registration of being an Apple developer.

You can read The Swift Programming Language book by Apple using iBooks on Mac OS X, or an iPad (or iPhone). This book has all the material from the Basic Operators to Inheritance. At the same time, the book does not cover the procedure of how to develop iOS app in the Xcode environment.

Also, you can check out online tutorials on different sites such as Udemy, Coursera, that offers lots of courses for iOS developers.

The third source by which you can learn Swift is a blog named The Swift Blog by Apple. This blog covers all the tips, tricks, and examples by which you can learn Swift easily. This is one of the best sources to stay updated with Swift.

These resources will help you have on demand app development skills and be the master of your future.