EC2 Upgrade To New Generation EC2

If you are using AWS, you’ve probably noticed the gradual and subtle introduction of newer EC2 instance generations.

After the T2 generation was launched by AWS back in 2014, at least 3 newer generations of general purpose EC2s were launched by AWS (T3 (2018), T3A (2019), and T4G (2020)).

It is quite interesting that AWS keeps on launching all these new EC2 families and in my article, I am sharing a few reasons why we should be upgrading our EC2s to latest generation counterparts.

  • Get Better Performing CPU

By providing better performing CPUs to its customers and ensure that it stays competitive with other cloud providers. Better performance is achieved by producing smaller CPUs which then results in smaller electricity travel paths that results in increased speeds in the CPU performance.

  • Smaller CPUs = Less Energy Required
  • Decreased CPU capacitances, so less power is required to drive this capacitance.
  • Devices can be made and operate at lower energy supplies.
  • More compact CPUs contain closer transistors, so parasitic capacitance of the wiring also decreases.
  • Save on EC2 Costs

If you are still using T2.micro, just by upgrading these instances to T4G.micro you can instantly save 28% worth of,

  • Compute cost which means that for every $1,000 a company pays for t2.micros, this step saves $280 dollars worth of compute cost.
  • Getting more CPUs on some occasions